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Bring on the Rieslings!

Discover 6 faces of the best white wine in the world.

Don't believe us? Come check for yourself. It’s been called, the best white wine in the world, the white wine for red wine drinkers, the favorite grape of sommeliers and much more! We are talking of course about Germany’s most famous grape, the Riesling! Did you think Riesling is the cheap sweet wine you find at the Lidl? I hope not! And if you did, come over and we'll show you ;-)

We will drink 6 different Rieslings from a dry sparkling to a dessert beerenauslese. We will discover the difference in wines that age, types of soil and levels of sweetness bring to this fascinating grape! Get ready for quite a journey! See you soon Xx

• What to bring
Be thirsty and bring on your good spirits!

• Cost: 35 eur p.p. incl. wines and cheese & charcuterie platter.