Top 10 summer hotspots to drink Rueda in the Netherlands

Rueda is a Spanish wine region located 150 kilometers northwest of Madrid. It is known for its dry, aromatic white wines made predominantly from the Verdejo grape variety which is sometimes blended with Sauvignon Blanc. 

If you love Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio, you will love Rueda!

Rueda has hot summers, and cold winters. Dry summer days are followed by crisp, cool nights, which refresh the vines and help to retain all-important acidity, which is big part of the beauty of Verdejo!

Drinking rueda at the terrace of lola rotterdam. Photo:

Drinking rueda at the terrace of lola rotterdam. Photo:

The ultimate summer wine

Thinking of Verdejo the main grape of the Rueda region in Spain makes my mouth water! Light, fresh and fruity , I can’t help but dream of hot summer afternoons, returning from the beach with wet hair, tanned skin and salt on the lips from dives in the Mediterranean. Big colorful salad with goat cheese, bunch of tapas and a glass (or a few) of ice cold Verdejo before I go get my afternoon siesta! Heaven! 

That's what I daydream these days longing for the summer! 

But, back to reality. I don't live anymore in the Mediterranean. So here is the Dutch/Northern European version of this:

After-work summer drink on a terrace while the sun is shining until 10pm. Who said we can't enjoy the summer above the 45° degrees latitude! And no need to worry about finding that terrace where you can sip good Verdejo. We have the best for you here.

These are the best places and terraces where you can enjoy a glass of ice cold Verdejo this summer!

Photo: Zwarte Vosch, Utrecht

Photo: Zwarte Vosch, Utrecht


  • De Zwarte Vosch – if you wish to be transported directly to Spain
  • Daen's - for Verdejo after shopping cool stuff at the concept store
  • Wijnbar en Bistro Zies – boasts serving the best wines from the Mediterranean. So obviously Rueda is in ;-) 


  • Café Verward – probably the best wine bar in Rotterdam and you can bring your beer lover friends
  • Lola – for tapas and pinchos in the hippest neighborhood of Roffa
Photo: lola rotrerdam

Photo: lola rotrerdam

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