How to make the best summer Sangria in 3 minutes! [video included]

sangria jar and glass

The world’s most popular wine cocktail & always a big hit in my summer parties is the Sangria. Ultimately, a mix of wine, fruit, fruit juice, (sometimes) a splash of fruity liqueur, fizzy soda and
often sugar sirup.

After having tried numerous recipes here is my favorite with white (rose and sparkling) and red wine.


(You can replace the white wine with rose or sparkling)


  • white wine of your choice.

The best is going to be a dry (or off-dry) aromatic white wine such as a Gewurztraminer, a Sauvignon Blanc or a Muscat. Their intense fruit aromas will go nicely with the rest of the ingredients.

  • fruits of your choice.

I like to add the fruit that match the fruit flavors of the wine. In white and rose wines, you should expect citrus, stone and tropical fruits. You can add a mix of all the above or just some. If you want to be precise, read the rear label of the wine bottle at hand. But you don’t have to.

You can add some red fruit just for the appearance. They would add a nice contrast.

  • triple sec (or any citrus liqueur you like)

It’s all about enhancing the citrus flavours. Personally, I do not like to add orange or other citrus juice in my white wine sangria. The juice overpowers the wine and messes up with the appearance. I like when my Sangria looks clear enough.

  • citrus flavoured sparkling water

will make your wine cocktail lighter and add some pleasant fizziness.

  • ice cubes
  • (optional) simple sirup — this is not necessary, but you will most likely need it if your wine is really dry. You can always opt for a demi-sec (off-dry) wine to avoid adding the sirup.
  • (optional) add a few mint leaves. It will add color and some extra freshness to your Sangria.


sangria glass.jpg


  • add your fruit in chunks and slices first
  • add the ice

At this point, these ingredients should occupy half of your jar.

  • add your wine. I added one bottle of wine 75cl in a 2lt jar. It all depends how strong you want it. Start with less. You can always add more later.
  • add the triple sec
  • add the simple sirup
  • pour in the sparkling water

How is it? What’s missing? Is something too much for your palate? Add more of the ingredients accordingly.

  • Garnish with mint.

Ta da!


I recorded this 60" video making a red wine Sangria. scroll down for ingredients.