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Discover the world of Natural Wine

Natural' has become the latest buzzword in wine. Natural wines, which are made with the least possible use of chemicals, additives and overly technological procedures, are taking the wine world by storm. 

What's different about Natural Wines?  

"The wine isn't mass produced, and you can only do so much to change it. You can't use sulfites or other additives to fix the wine. The only thing you can influence is the time of harvest, whether you keep or discard the stems, and the temperature. This usually yields much more surprising wines, but the downside is that the quantities are much smaller. Finding a great natural wine is definitely a cause for celebration."

The meetup

In collaboration with Blije Wijnen (natural wine importer), I will select natural wines that express different regions and winemaking methods. For example, some natural winemakers prefer to age their wine in amphoras (big ceramic vessels) like the ancient times. They believe that this way wine preserves its original character and it's closer to the earth. Others use concrete vats for the same reasons. 

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Later Event: November 29
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