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Wines from where wine started [Amsterdam]

  • Rockstart 182 Herengracht Amsterdam, NH, 1016 BR Netherlands (map)

Winemaking starts about 8000 years ago in Georgia. Goes through Armenia, down to Egypt, where the Pharaohs used it for ceremonies until it was spread by the Phoenicians (present day Lebanon) merchants to the Mediterranean. 
In 800 BC, the Greeks, having been exposed to wine by the Phoenicians, begin to perfect the beverage. Wine becomes a symbol for trade, religion, and health. A god is named in honor of wine: Dionysus.
Later on, the Greeks colonize the Mediterranean and bring wine & grape vines to Sicily, Southern Italy, France and Spain. 
Then the Roman Empire happens. As the Empire and its troops expand across Europe, Romans plant grapevines in modern-day France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain as well as a number of Central European nations. 
When the Roman Empire adopts Christianity, grape growing and winemaking becomes a central part of Roman Catholic Christianity. Monks in Italy and France begin working as vintners, and winemaking technology is perfected. As the Catholic Church grows across Europe, wine goes with it.
                                                                         * * *

In this meetup, we go waaaaay back in time and tell you the story of wine which goes hand in hand with recorded human history. 
We will taste 6 wines from 6 of the first winemaking regions. As always, expect to have 3-4 full glasses of wine with accompanying finger food. 
                               Good wines, good bites and good people!